NORSEENon-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment (aviation; US FAA)
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AeroVonics was awaiting the final NORSEE approval at press time and expected to be able to deliver products within a few months.
For certification, AeroVonics will use the AMOC route--alternate means of compliance--that Bethel describes as between the NORSEE path and an elaborate STC-AML process.
If you've bought an iPad mount from Guardian Avionics or a BOM from Levil Aviation, you might know what a NORSEE letter is because you got one in the box.
NORSEE is an FAA acronym for non-required safety enhancing equipment.
NORSEE is not an Advisory Circular nor a regulation, but an FAA policy letter, specifically PS-AIR-21.8-1602.
It hasn't seen much use yet simply because manufacturers either didn't have the listed products or weren't sure how NORSEE applied to what they did have.
NORSEE assumes the installation of the covered device will be a minor alteration and it further assumes that whatever is installed will fail without adversely affecting flight safety.
In line with the intent of the NORSEE policy, a selling point from a certification standpoint is the system's basic envelope protection via an emergency leveling mode.
It's important to stress that NORSEE approval under this policy is not an approval for installation on the aircraft.