NORSIGNorwegian Signal Processing Symposium
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"It's no longer the case that a brand needs to sign a 10-year lease," said Norsig. "It's now an industry norm for brands to do a temporary lease to test a neighborhood or introduce a concept."
Target's Isaac Mizrahi collection helped kick start the national trend in 2003, Norsig said.
"Pop-up retail has skyrocketed over the past few years and this is the first book to ever address all of the reasons behind its extraordinary sudden success," said Norsig.
NuuKo is the marketplace bringing the two together," Norsig said.
It includes in-depth manufacturer history and designer profiles, a full-service bridal registry, personal consultations as well as entertaining tips and gift ideas from industry expert Norsig herself.
The brainchild of home veteran Christina Norsig, a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate who started and has designed dinnerware herself, and her husband, commercial real estate broker Eric Michael Anton, the site is a new take on an old idea.
So when Christmas rolls around, some e-tailers like Christina Norsig, founder of, find it exhilarating to get out there and rub elbows with the customers they typically only deal with online.
"Key items from the brands represented on our site" are the focus for Christina Norsig, chief executive officer and founder of
New York-Moving in the opposite direction of most retailers, Christina Norsig, chief executive officer and founder of, is taking her e-tailing site to the brick-and-mortar level in hopes of starting a national franchise.
"I'm a huge fan of FIT," said Christina Norsig, president and founder of, an online tabletop retailer.
Cristina Norsig, president of, has also recently launched her site, which is purely an online presence.