NORTNetwork of Oriental Robotic Telescopes
NORTNational Office for Research and Technology (Hungary)
NORTNational Odor Recognition Test (police work dogs)
NORTNorthern Oahe Rescue Team (Mobridge, South Dakota)
NORTNuclear Ordnance Readiness Test
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The NORT ensures non-ATF dogs used by state, local and federal law enforcement agencies can detect basic explosive odors, Mr.
Unlike Zittel's (and probably the biosphere's) careful and transparent parsing of particular problems of human existence (the most efficient way to eat, sleep, eliminate, and create relying on limited means), Nunderwater Nort Lah is a deliberately obscured view of an unknowable system; from a formal point of view it is an only slightly shattered monument, a teasingly cracked Torqued Ellipse.
He suggested that NORT could become the standard to which all dogs would be certified.
Six different ANDV lineages have been reported to cause HPS in Argentina: ANDV Sout in the southwest region; ANDV Cent BsAs, ANDV Cent Lec, and ANDV Cent Plata in the central region; and ANDV Nort Oran and ANDV Nort Bermejo in the northwest region.
The South Docks area provides ready access to nort h and south Liverpool and the M62 is four miles away.
Among these obscure boutiques are specialized vintage shops like David Owens Vintage Clothing and Frock, unique sneaker shops such as Alife Rivington Club and Nort 235 (Best of New York Winners, Best Sneakers 2003 and 2004), and art galleries like Melissa Bent and Mirabelle Marden's Rivington Arms.
Cleverly, the portico also works in the other direction as a covered way between the newly sited car park to the nort h and the corner of the lake.
Kevin Robbins studied the alterations and deletions forced by Odet de Nort and his fellow pastors in La Popeliniere's Histoire de France, published in La Rochelle in 1581, finding that the pastors were most concerned with defending their own social and political position, and restricting the autonomy of the city's "menu peuple.
However, S/S earned a degree of revenge by winning the second-teams clash, Sandra Kansy and Mick Ollivent, Debra Darkes and David Wilson and Kim Nort and Nigel Field all taking two games each in a 6-3 success.
Ervin reminds Nort Thornton, the head coach at Cal, of another sprinter he worked with a few years back.
Tivoli Manager for Nort on 2000, IT Director Edition will be available worldwide this month.
In the past, scientists were tempted to blame such shifts on the ice sheets that covered much of the nort hern continents at the time.