NORTHCOMUnited States Northern Command (US DoD)
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In the end, the DSCA SIMEX achieved our desired endstate, ensuring that all MI Soldiers within 3 ABCT had a thorough understanding of our NORTHCOM RAF mission.
With organizations like NORTHCOM and USACE setting the pace, the use of smartphone technology is slowly becoming the norm.
Part of it goes directly to the requirements to go ahead and go through the civilian capability and capacity before turning to Title 10 and a request for forces from NORTHCOM.
In order to shorten response time to authorize the use of a CCMRF in a homeland emergency, the units will report directly to NORTHCOM at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.
These and the NORTHCOM units are to be trained to respond to a domestic chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or high-yield explosive (CBRNE) attack.
NORTHCOM was formed in October 2002 to plan, organize and execute the homeland defense and civil support missions.
The NORTHCOM missions include homeland defense and defense support of civil authorities (DSCA).
When directed by the president or the Secretary of Defense, NORTHCOM provides defense support of civil authorities, including consequence management operations.
In the months leading up to AS07, the JRO CBRND provided technical assistance to the NORTHCOM Operational Plans and Joint Force Development Directorate (J-7) and JFCOM J-7 in observing battle staff operating procedures at selected command and control locations and developing the effects of the nuclear detonation.
The RAND study, unfortunately, was not aware of or informed by some of the processes we had already put in place at NORTHCOM [U.
He said it looked good, then announced a new topic: a NORAD and NORTHCOM briefing.
He discussed the necessary coordination between NORTHCOM and the services to ensure the effective management of AT and FP within the NORTHCOM area of responsibility.
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