NORVITNorwegian Vitamin Trial
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Among NORVIT participants, self-reported current smokers were the largest group followed by ex-smokers and never smokers (46.
Results are shown separately for NORVIT and WENBIT participants (WENBIT, 1 month; NORVIT, 2 months).
We compared results among the NORVIT and WENBIT participants after the exclusion of 321 cases of AMI from WENBIT, thereby essentially comparing patients with recent myocardial infarction (NORVIT) to patients with stable angina pectoris (WENBIT).
Preliminary results from the NORVIT study showed slightly more cancers in people who took folic acid, but the difference wasn't statistically significant.
Timing also makes him skeptical about the NORVIT results.
Mason also wonders whether the 800 mcg of folic acid used in the NORVIT study was too much.
Patients in the two folic acid arms of NORVIT experienced a rapid and sustained mean 28% decrease in homocysteine.
The primary end point in NORVIT was a composite of fatal and nonfatal MI and stroke.
He agreed that the NORVIT cancer findings warrant further study.
In the NORVIT and HOPE-2 trials, there was a trend towards increased risk of total cancer or colon cancer in the treatment groups (16).