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Henry Norweb informed Salazar that Portugal was free to follow the two roads of negotiating for Japanese troop withdrawal and/or joint planning for the reconquest of Timor.
The auction originally took place in November 2000, when only 16 of the 42 licences were given to the following companies; Norweb, Energis, Faultbasic, Broadnet, Chorus Communications and Eircom.
The project has been sponsored by Norweb and is being run in conjunction with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers.
EXHIBIT 1 Costly customers Price paid per customer 1 for acquisitions made from 1998 to 2000,[euro] 1 Estimated value of distribution and retail customers in Germany 2 = [euro]900-[euro]1,400 Stadtwerke Kiel 3,130 Stadtwerke Reutlingen 2,630 Stadtwerke Schwabisch Gmund 2,440 Elektrizitatswerke Wesertal 2,290 Stadtwerke Kassel 2,240 Energieversorgung Offenbach 2,210 Elektrizitatswerke Minden-Ravensberg 1,670 Hamburger Elekrizitatswerke 1,140 Note: Table made from bar graph Estimated value of pure retail customers in the UK 3 = [euro]120- [euro]170 Norweb Energi 410 SWALEC (2000) 4 390 South Western Electricity 280 SWALEC (1999) 4 280 Midlands Electricity 270 (1)For pure retail deals, price paid includes cost of long-term power purchase agreements.
Examples include Scottish Power, Norweb ENERGi (owned by Texas Utilities Europe), and PowerGen.
A new service from Norweb Telecom allows people on the move to access real-time, synchronised information from office-based systems, sharing information and accessing e-mails, address books and schedules via a WAP phone or the internet.
Texas Energy Partners, a joint venture between CSW and Houston Industries, attempted but failed to take over Norweb in September 1995.
There have been a number of nonreferred cross-utility mergers, for example, the electricity distributors Norweb plc and South West Wales Electricity plc were acquired by the North West Water Group plc and Welsh Water plc respectively, both of which are WASCs.
That daring move came hot on the heels of Scottish Power's takeover of English electricity giants Norweb.
Norweb, the joint venture between Nortel Communications and UK outfit United Utilities, promises an "exciting announcement" before the end of next month after more than a year of silence since the venture was formed.
Norweb had to wait until the following week to make his own representations.(27)
Sir Christopher Harding - a member of the elite council of the Prince's Trust - is a senior director of United Utilities, owner of Norweb Communications which in turn leases premium rate lines to perverted sex-line firms.