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NOS2Nitric Oxide Synthase 2
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And, they rarely mentioned about NOS1 Tentativeness, NOS2 Empirical basis, NOS4 Creativity, and NOS5 Socio-cultural embeddedness.
NOS 1 and NOS3 may themselves be induced under certain conditions (such as pregnancy) [15] and NOS2 is expressed constantly in certain sites (such as basal skin keratinocytes and salivary duct cells).
While the mechanism(s) by which apoE modify systemic and CNS inflammatory responses remain poorly defined, insight may be found in recent studies demonstrating that microglia derived from APOE4TR mice have altered cell morphology, increased NO production (accompanied by increased NOS2 mRNA levels), and enhanced cytokine production (TNF[alpha], IL-6, IL12) compared to microglia derived from APOE3TR mice (39).
The mechanisms of bacterial growth restriction seem clearly related to INF[gamma] production, but the role of NOS2 (iNOS) in this process is unresolved.