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While NOS3 variant is functional the ACE variant is not and may not be in such strong LD with the functional variant elsewhere in this gene as in UK Caucasians.
We selected 18 candidate genes related to As metabolism (PNP, GSTO1, GSTM1, GSTP1, GSTT1, AS3MT, MTHFR, and CBS), oxidative stress (HMOX1, NOS3, SOD2, and CYBA), and inflammation/endothelial dysfunction (APOE, TNF, IL6, ICAM1, VCAM1, and S1PR1).
In this study, we aimed to elucidate the association between the intron 4a/b polymorphism in NOS3 with NO levels and essential hypertension.
Because these pathophysiological disorders are central features of the metabolic syndrome, the purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between NOS3 gene haplotypes and metabolic syndrome defined according to National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III recently modified guidelines (25) in the general Spanish (Caucasian) population.
NOSs are present in 3 isoforms [43]: endothelial NOS3 (eNOS) and neuronal NOS1 (nNOS) are constitutively expressed in cardiomyocytes, while inducible NOS2 (iNOS) is absent in the normal myocardium, but its expression can be induced by proinflammatory mediators [25,60-63].
sodium; NO, nitric oxide; NOS3, nitric oxide synthase 3; PI3K, phosphoinositide 3-kinase; PKA, protein kinase A; PKC, protein kinase C; PKG, protein kinase G; PLC, phospholipase C.
Genetic evidence that nitric oxide modulates homocysteine, the NOS3 894TT genotype is a risk factor for hyperhomocysteinemia.
We examined CpG loci located in NOS1, NOS2A, and NOS3 (Chan GC et al.
Genetic evidence that nitric oxide modulates homocysteine: the NOS3 894TT genotype is a risk factor for hyperhomocystenemia.
Association between the NOS3 (-786T/C) and the ACE (I/D) DNA genotypes and early coronary artery disease.
Endothelium-derived NO is synthesized from t-arginine by endothelial nitric oxide Synthase (eNOS) [3] (3), which is encoded by the NOS3 gene on chromosome 7 (4).