NOSBNational Ocean Sciences Bowl (Washington, DC)
NOSBNational Ocean Science Bowl
NOSBNational Organic Standard Board
NOSBNational Occupational Standards Board (UK)
NOSBNosymbols (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
NOSBNon-Over-Determined Sub-Band
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Statute OFPA (1990) mandated FALCPA (2004) development of mandated labeling of growing, handling, milk, eggs, fish, and marketing shellfish, tree standards and NOSB nuts, peanuts, to represent soybeans and wheat.
147) In effect, the Senate left the question open for the USDA and NOSB to determine the level of contamination to tolerate.
That summer, however, the NOSB found it impossible to raise the cash it needed to meet the large net deposit outflows that occurred during one of the many aftershocks of the panics of 1837 and 1839.
However we feel strongly that some form of overview of the NOP accreditation system by the NOSB or delegated body is essential and overdue.
According to the draft discussion document, CACC will incorporate feedback received during the public meeting, and present a recommendation on the topic to NOSB in September.
During its three-day meeting, NOSB members wrestled with language aimed at keeping cloning out of organics.
Moreover, the NOSB, in its biotechnology policy, preserves much of this distinction when its states, "[g]enetically engineered is defined as: Made with techniques that alter the molecular or cell biology of an organism by means that are not possible under natural conditions or processes .
Seafood represents an important part of a healthy and balanced diet, and it is the goal of NFI to work with NOSB and ensure American consumers have access to USDA certified organic seafood," said Barbara Blakistone, NFI's director, technical and regulatory affairs.
The NOSB has 15 members representing all sectors and interests of organic producing, handling, and consuming (4 producers, 2 handlers, 1 retailer, 3 environmentalists, 3 consumers, 1 scientist and 1 certifying agent).
We were in it from the beginning," said Phyllis Shoemaker, coordinator for the Alaska Region NOSB.
NOSB will formally act at its meeting on October 16.