NOSCPNational Oil Spill Contingency Plan (various nations)
NOSCPNorthern Ontario Sustainable Communities Partnership (Canada)
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One of SODEL's aims is to modernize and build the health, safety, and environmental governance in the oil and gas sector, and one of the main components is to create the NOSCP for Lebanese waters," explained SODEL project manager Rola Sheikh.
The NOSCP will have a strict, hierarchical framework with a three-tiered spill response plan that sets out what happens in minor, medium and major incidents.
If there's been one victory for NOSCP, Smith said the province has established a community working advisory group alongside its First Nation and industry groups.
It isn't just NOSCP that thinks the system is broken.
The NOSCP has a conference planned for March to develop a new vision for the northern forest.
The NOSCP is currently seeking funding for a conference in the spring of 2008 in order to further explore the ideas put forth in the Forest Charter.
This is not a new position, and we're certainly pleased to see that the NOSCP has come out on the subject, creating a meeting of the minds on a number of points.