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NOSEYNuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscopy
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Well, as of now, Olofofos told Nosey Parker that the actress's ailment seems to have returned going by what they described as her recent visits to the same hospital where the ailment was diagnosed.
Under the headline "Be a nosey neighbour" the council asks residents to report dumpers online with details of where and when the fly-tipping took place, what was tipped, the registration of any vehicle involved, any premises being used and a description of the individuals involved.
The Nosey Shade is also the subject of Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
The weird, wonderful and downright silly names were Coco, Burt the Bus, Billy Brum, Spicy Steve, Ernie, Peter Porridge, Neptune, Nosey Nora, Hakuna Matata, Mrs Bubble, Loveable Express, Mr Snuggly Wuggle, Chip, Big Blue and Crazy Daisy.
Rosey Nosey has been described by noted English beer writer Roger Protz as "a rich, luscious, and warming ale ideal for winter.
Perfect for sophisticated nosey parkers and design lovers.
While accepting he is the most likely winner, the 8-11 looks anything but value and I would be prepared to take a chance and back Mall Nosey each-way at the 14-1 being offered by Totesport and VC.
THERE'S nothing worse than a nosey neighbour who loves spreading gossip and rumour over the garden fence.
Simms said she was shocked to receive an award for being nosey.
NOSEY: Large-eared horseshoe bats calll by snorting through their noses.
"Curiosity killed the cat." It's a phrase that Percy Spencer probably heard often growing up since he was such a nosey boy.
Camera (DuArt colin, Aaton 16mm), David Parry; music, the Nosey Parkers; sound (DTS), Karim Chichakly; sound designer, Alex Markowski; associate producer, Jack Rowell; assistant director, Jeff Lawson.