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NOSTNASA/Science Office of Standards and Technology
NOSTNippon Oil Staging Terminal (Japan)
NOSTNetherlands Operational Sea Training (UK)
NOSTNational On Site Training (Woolloongabba, Queensland, Australia)
NOSTNetherlands Office of Science and Technology (various nations)
NOSTNotice of Special Tax
NOSTNon-Organ-Specific Tissue Antigens (immunology)
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Hence Sullivan quotes the entrepreneur and theatre manager Benjamin Victor writing of van Nost in 1756 that he was 'a greater master than Risbriac [sic], or Scheemaker [sic]; I will only except Roubiliac.'
According to Casanova, Paris (or rather "Paris") has successfully coerced more or less everyone into measuring their own modernity against the French capital, the "Greenwich meantime of literature." Russian literature's rather obsessive focus on provintsial'nost' suggests otherwise.
30, 2012), up 29.2 percent YOY (per Q3 earnings report) Accolades Best Domestic AirLine, Conde Nost Traveler (four straight years) and Trover + Leisure (five years) When You're Grounded
Com a publicacao da Norma Operacional de Saude do Trabalhador (NOST) pela Portaria 3.908, de 30/10/98, estao estabelecidos procedimentos para orientar as acoes e servicos do SUS (Brasil, 1998).
By his lights, "GHOTI" should be pronounced "FISH," using the "f" sound in "laugh," the "i" sound in "women," and the "sh" sound in "nation." Using the same principle, how would you pronounce "NOST LIEUT TOLON"?
The authors would like to thank the Rana Gruber AS employees: Anders Bergvik, Borre Nost, and Susanne Sand, as well as SINTEF scientist Nghia Quoc Trinh for their assistance.
Succession of graptolite zones in the Silurian-Ordovician boundary beds of the wells in the continuation of the Kaliningrad elevation in the sea [Posledovatel nost graptolitovykh zon v pogranichnykh otlozheniyakh silura i ordovika v razrezakh skvazhin na morskom prodolzhenii Kaliningradskogo vystupa].
Feed plants lightly every & weeks with Miracle-Gro [R] Organic Chiice [R] All Purpose Plant Fppd from the time first blossoms set until the end of harvest, Enjoy the nost succulent tomatoes straight off the vine from july until the days of late autumn turn cool.
The p y of u of u pai mem pain momonenea mories to become nost nostatalgic.
Blending professional advice from medical experts and university studies, there are suggestions, tips, amusing anecdotes and, nost importantly, no preaching.
I can reveal buxom Katy has been spending lots of time crying on the muscled shoulder of dancer friend Malik Le Nost.