NOSTANorth of Superior Tourism Association (Canada)
NoSTANorth of Scotland Tartan Army
NOSTANational Office for Science and Technology Awards (China)
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Nosta said that with a growing ageing population lies more opportunities for economic and social development, which will also impact GDP and achieve higher levels of productivity.
Nosta said it was important in the wake of extended human life to consider second and third careers and a higher level of productivity from people.
ANDREI KANCHELSKIS: Sporting Director of Russian side Nosta Novotroitsk (2007-)
Kanchelskis, who is sporting director of Russian First Division club FC Nosta Novotroitsk, is still remembered fondly by Manchester United and Rangers fans.
The 39 year-old, now sporting director at Nosta Novotroitsk, hailed Rangers' renaissance under gaffer Walter Smith.
We we come memories and photographs on aspect of Mid and nosta gia.
Let's put things straight," says Kanchelskis, who now works as the general manager of Russian First Division outfit Nosta.
Kanchelskis, 38, currently sporting director of Russian side FC Nosta Novotroitsk, added: "The pressure to perform in England is very big.
A group of marketing professionals are forming a tourism marketing voice for Thunder Bay and the NOSTA region to ensure a more effective, efficient, and collaborative processes take place.
nHotel Nosta,Sidari, Corfu (mainand children's pools).
I do not mean this primarily in the psychoanalytic sense, although it has become something of a truism that what is forgotten or repressed by the founding fathers and mothers is bound to be "recuperated" by those irrepressible agents of nosta lgia, the grandchildren.
55) VB 22: `Recalescat ergo, dilectissimi fratres, fides nosta ad caelestem desideria, revocemus ante occulus nostros peccata quae fecimus; consideremus, quam districtus iudex venturus est, qui non solum de malis operibus, sed etiam de cogitationibus nostris indicare disponit.