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NOTALNot at All
NOTALNotice to All
NOTALNot to, nor required by, all addressees
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The Notal Home OCT has the potential to truly individualise retinal disease management, added the company.
The AOA Technology Working Group submitted its report with supporting evidence and a draft Information Notice to replace NOTAL 5/2006, requesting a change of policy.
Maximum body length 1400 [micro]m, head length 185, width 140, pseudoculus 8-10, posterior part of maxillary gland 20, posterior marginal setae on head: seta l 23-25; seta 2 23-25, seta 3 10; pro notal seta l 45, pronotal seta 2 28, mesonotal setae Pl 30, Pl[alpha] 15, P2 45, M 18; foretarsus 115-120, claw 40-46, empodial appendage 5, middle tarsus 55-60, claw 25-28, hind tarsus 65-70, claw 27-30.
The female reproductive caste (gyne) for the majority of ant species are morphologically differentiated from the workers by the presences of wings, notal sclerites for housing flight muscles, larger eyes and the presences of ocelli.
The notal organ of the scorpionfly (Panorpa vulgaris): An adaptation to coerce mating duration.
QUETTA -- The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) on Friday killed a terrorist belonging to a banned outfit in the Notal district of Nasirabad, while two others managed to escape.
DERA MURAD JAMALI -- Police have arrested more than 100 criminals in an operation in Dera Murad Jamali, Manjo Shori, Notal, Baba Kot, Chatter, Mir Hassan and Fholji areas.
QUETTA -- Police detained seven suspected persons in killing of three factory labourers in operations at Manju Shori and Notal area of Nasirabad district on Friday.
QUETTA -- At least five persons including three women were injured when a vehicle overturned on National Highway near Notal area of Nasirabad District on Monday.
- Manassas, Virginia-based ophthalmic company Notal Vision, Ltd.
Ophthalmic company Notal Vision Ltd revealed on Wednesday the election of John S.