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(109.) For example, if Bel(A)=.50 and Bel(notA)=.40, and if Bel(B)=.30 and Bel(notB)=.20, then Bel(A AND B)=.30 and Bel(notA OR notB))=.40.
In the present context with only two outcomes, a zero belief on both B and notB, i.e., Bel(B) = Bel(notB) = 0, implies ignorance, but in probability theory 0.5 probability on each outcome represents ignorance.
Figure 1 shows graphs of Bel(B) and Bel(notB) as a function of the number of occurrences in the sample where B is the interval defined by [0, TER] for TER = 0.1, and n = 40, 60, 80, and 100.
Feilden was surprised, but notb disheartened and said: "If he's all rightb we'll come back here next Wednesday forb a 0-80 over the same trip, as he is ab winner without a penalty."
Thus we have, in formal notation: P(H) = P(H/A, B) P(A,B) + P(H/notA, B) P(notA, B) + P(H/A, notB) P(A, notB) + P(H/notA, notB) P(notA, notB).