NOTCNew Orleans Track Club (New Orleans, Louisiana)
NOTCNaval Officer Training Centre (Canada)
NOTCNorthwestern Ontario Technology Centre
NOTCNorwegian Over the Counter Market
NOTCNew Old Time Chautauqua (Port Townsend, Washington)
NOTCNature of Transaction Code (UK)
NOTCNumbers on the Court (basketball card game)
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According to Reuters, NOTC desperately needs foreign ships to execute NIOC plans for a "big export push to Europe and elsewhere and to meet its target of reaching pre-sanctions sales levels this year".
Bahrain is the main base for the US 5th Fleet, whose war-ships also monitor the movements of vessels owned by both NOTC and IRGC-controlled shipping firms - the latter always trying to carry weapons to the Iran-guided Zaidi Shi'ite rebels of the Houthi clan in Yemen.
Harvesters will come from the NOTC, and Sander is working on a partnership with the TBRHSC to have people collect cells from patients.
The NOTC has) been working with a group of various technology-driven businesses, a lot of whom are in the information technology sector," Judy Sander says.
At present there are between 10 and 12 businesses already "leading the way" for NOTA, including Global RnD, Skystream Networks, Norlink Communications and Consulting and NOTC.
to young Canadians between the ages of 18 and 29, while NOTC is a full service business centre dedicated to developing young,' technology-based companies through support; sound business advice and a nurturing environment.
Melissa Gorrie, a youth co-ordinator for Youth Business, NOTC and YETB, says the partnership allows for a unique new service in Thunder Bay because it is geared specifically to youth.