NOTCNew Orleans Track Club (New Orleans, Louisiana)
NOTCNaval Officer Training Centre (Canada)
NOTCNorthwestern Ontario Technology Centre
NOTCNorwegian Over the Counter Market
NOTCNew Old Time Chautauqua (Port Townsend, Washington)
NOTCNature of Transaction Code (UK)
NOTCNumbers on the Court (basketball card game)
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After postings both at sea and alongside, at NOTC, Commodore Edmundson attended the Operations Room Officer course in Halifax in 1992.
NOTC has up to 60 oil tankers, including VLCCs and ULCCs.
(75) Offense of Zina Ordinance, supra notc 74, [section] [section] 4-6.
Chapman pointed out the TTS fully supports the goals espoused by Huang, to be accomplished under the PRC National Organ Transplant Committee (NOTC), which include:
In the Iosipescu shear test, the shear stress was assumed to be uniformly distributed between the notc hes, and the shear stress ([[tau].sub.xy]) was calculated by the following equation:
(143) Redish and Chung defend this originalist view, specifically concluding that "the framers contemplated and condoned the possibility that statutes would become anachronistic and obsolete; legislative inertia was simply part of the bargain: the cost of attaining political stability by ensuring that society would not be thrown into tumult with every shift in political opinion." Redish & Chung, supra notc 7, at 877.
Finally, because the proposition A and B is identical to NotC and NotD, and so also to Not(C or D), inequality (3) may be rewritten as Probability (Not(C or D)) < .5, or as 1 - Probability (C or D) < .5, and this plainly yields inequality (6).
Notc that this ratio mcthod is perceived to be of little value because total costs of operations include costs that could never be allocated to lobbying activities under a traditional allocation method (such as raw material costs).
Nordic Nanovector ASA (NOTC:NANO) announced on Wednesday that Marco Renoldi, chief business officer of the company, has purchased 70,000 shares in Nordic Nanovector at an average share price of NOK34,92 per share.
swt R notc d h Brian Mallon, Mark Shields, Harold and Rafferty all notched up points and when Mallon (below) goaled in the 47th minute, the gap was suddenly down to three.