NOTISNorthwest Translators and Interpreters Society
NOTISNetwork Operator Trouble Information System
NOTISNevada Offender Tracking Information System (Nevada Department of Corrections)
NOTISNorthwestern Online Totally Integrated System (electronic card catalog)
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The standard workflow of checking out a book included charging the item in NOTIS and desensitizing it for the exit gate.
NOTIS allows patrons to transfer items automatically via an interlibrary loan request.
In this initial period, Dynix and NOTIS were allowed to operate as separate and independent business units, although wholly owned by Ameritech.
As universities lost interest in supporting mainframe computers, the majority of libraries using NOTIS have moved to more modern client/server systems.
The earliest public computers in our library were large Telex display terminals that provided access to our NOTIS ILS.
Surprisingly, Ameritech has developed a product called NOTIS II that allows libraries to continue to use this software with more modern hardware and networks.
With its Dynix, Horizon, and NOTIS LMS systems, it offers services to every type of library.
She managed that company's due-diligence activity before the acquisition, then ran the organization for two years prior to the merger of that group with the NOTIS division (which Ameritech acquired in 1991).
One of each of the keyboards was placed in an office readily accessible to the NOTIS coordinator, the head of systems, and the NOTIS operator.
Since the purchase of NOTIS, Dynix, and PALS, Ameritech has stressed the pivotal role of libraries as the information providers of today and tomorrow.
The LOUIS libraries use the NOTIS Library Management System for automated card catalogs, acquisitions, circulation, and serials functions.