NOTLNiagara-On-The-Lake (Ontario, Canada)
NOTLNoobs on the Loose (Swedish gaming clan)
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I held visions about NOTL being just another one-horse town, living off the glory of its nearby older and grander neighbour the Niagara Falls.
NOTL has a permanent population of 15,000, but attracts up to three million visitors every year.
An Sall adapter (5'TCGACCCACGCGTCCG-3' and 5'-P04-CGGACGCGTGGG-3') was ligated to cDNA, and the product was digested with Notl. Digested cDNA was gel-purified, directionally ligated into Sall- and NotI-digested pCMV sport6, then transformed into ElectroMAX T1 DH10B cells.
The original capital of Ontario, NOTL hosts the Shaw Festivalone of the biggest theatre festivals in the world.
Harold Clement UE, Bruce Woodruff UE and Bob Howse joined Lord Major Gary Burroughs in raising the flag in NOTL. Bev Craig UE, Sharon Gadula UE and Noreen Stapley UE were pleased to participate in Hamilton Branch's June 19th Memorial Service at the Loyalist Monument in Hamilton.
The mIL-12 expression cassette was cloned into the pCRBluntpsi-Cat plasmid using Notl, Swal, and PmlI restriction enzymes, and the antibiotic resistance-free plasmid was produced using the X-mark[TM] technology and antibiotic-free maintenance system ORT[R] (Cobra Biologics).
The 3 strains exhibited identical Notl PFGE profiles (Figure 2, panel A), and all had ribotype O (EcoRI.4 + EcoRV.5) according to Guiyoule et al.
The size of expression construct (pET/tPA) was 7.2 kb and the restriction map of this construct using Notl and Ncol enzymes showed two fragments with expected sizes at 5.5 kb and 1.7 kb, confirming a successful sub-cloning of tPA gene into pET22b expression vector (Figure 3).
Isolates that caused 256 consecutive episodes of UTI were characterized by antimicrobial drug susceptibility profile, enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus 2 PCR, serotyping, Xbal and Notl pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, multilocus sequence typing, and phylogenetic typing.
Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis run conditions for 6 restriction enzymes used to subtype Salmonella Enteritidis * Digestion Enzyme temperature, units, Run time, h Enzyme [degrees]C per plug ([dagger]) Xbal 37 50 19 BIM 37 30 19 Spel 37 30 20.5 Sfil 50 30 20.5 Pacl 37 30 20.5 Notl 37 30 20.5 Initial Final switch switch Enzyme time, s time, s Xbal 2.16 63.8 BIM 2.16 63.8 Spel 5 25 Sfil 5 25 Pacl 0.1 15 Notl 0.1 15 * All digestion times were 2-3 h.