NOTMNew Orleans, Texas, and Mexico Railroad
NOTMNetworking on the Move (DoD GIG Architectural Vision)
NOTMNude on the Moon
NOTMNondeterministic Oracle Turing Machine
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NOTM will install PacStar 400-Series equipment into a wide array of tactical ground vehicles including MRAP-ATV, HMMWV, and Amphibious Assault Vehicles.
PacStar 400-Series modules will also enable communications on several major NOTM subsystems, the Point of Presence Vehicle Kit (POP) and Staff Vehicle Kit (SV Kit), providing access to three network enclaves: Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRnet), Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRnet) and Mission Specific.
00 This book helps school leaders shape and sell a vision of learner-centered mathematics and is closely aligned with the NOTM standards.