NOTMCNew Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation (New Orleans, Louisiana)
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NOTMC is a private economic development corporation, created under Louisiana state law.
NOTMC is publicly funded and provides year-round online marketing, advertising, public relations and special event programming in order to support the growth of leisure travel to New Orleans.
NOTMC designs and launches a major summer promotion; three simultaneous niche efforts aimed at cultural, family, and multicultural travelers; and a fall campaign promoting Christmas, New Orleans Style.
NOTMC also offers the tourism industry the use of the video for their own individual marketing efforts.
When NOTMC launched its first family marketing campaign in the summer of 2001, family travelers were barely a blip on the radar screen," Shilstone says.
For more information, please contact NOTMC directly at toll free 1-800-810-3200, or visit online at http://www.
It is wholly owned and operated by NOTMC and was written and designed by staff members of NOTMC's award-winning website, http://www.