NOTRANational Oval Track Racing Association
NOTRANorth Okanagan Therapeutic Riding Association (est. 1984; North Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada)
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Investigation showed that Notra was playing cara y cruz with other men in the street when he was shot in the back of the head, leaving him dead on the spot.
Occurrence of a shock or lumpy borrowing for social events like notra, death in the family, son's marriage and at times sickness may further turn the equation against the poor borrowers.
Brides-to-be Sophie Buckley, 33, of Thurstonland, and Usha Notra, 36, of Wakefield, have been busy creating the unique decorations for their own wedding cakes at a College adult education class.
(Notra Trulock's attorney in the defamation suit he brought against Vrooman, Washington, and Lee (which was dismissed), declared that "[h]e [Trulock] didn't racially profile anybody.").
Ramesh Notra said, ``Retail buying patterns are still being established following the introduction two annual plate changes.
The mill also licensed Notra Morgan Home Fashions to produce flannel and jersey sheets and coordinated accessories for its Utica and Stevens brands.
CAP Economics editor Ramesh Notra said: "While the new car market remains buoyant there are few customers for used cars at the moment.
the director of counterintelligence at the DOE, Notra Trulock, refused
Accused spy Wen Ho Lee may have gotten an apology from the FBI and big bucks from his new book, but that hasn't saved him from Larry Klayman, chairman of Judicial Watch, who represents Notra Trulock, the Department of Energy whistleblower who raised questions about security at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and is now string Lee.
Ramesh Notra, economics editor for CAP, the car prices monitor, said: "That is the largest leap since prices started to rise in May."
But they have begun to creep upwards once again in some sectors, " said CAP economics editor Ramesh Notra.