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This trial consisted four treatments T1=15% soybean meal + bone and meat mealT2=15% fish offal meal + wheat flourT3=15% poultry litter + maize flour and T4=5% soybean meal + wheat bran + noug seed cake.
The current DGR results attained by the supplement of local feeds was lower than the tilapia growth attained in earthen ponds integrated with poultry farm (0.75 g*[day.sup.-1]) but better than the growth attained in pond fertilized with goat manure alone (0.25 g*[day.sup.-1]) [23] and also better than the growth rate attained by feeding maize flour + noug cake (0.15 g*[d.sup.-1]) and wheat flour + noug cake (0.35 g*[d.sup.-1]) [24].
To this end, identification of farmers who use concentrate feeds containing wheat bran, noug cake, and moldy maize grains that are susceptible to AFB1 (precursor of AFM1) contamination was made [10].
The seed oil content of noug ranges from 39.8% to 46.9% oil [75].
Wold, "An agronomic and seed-quality evaluation of noug (Guizotia abyssinica Cass.) germplasm in Ethiopia," Plant Breeding, vol.
Berger likewise explains UM-MA as an Akkadogram for Ugaritic taham in the letters from Alasia found at Ugarit, which date about a century later than the Amarna letters, in "Die Alasia-Briefe Ugaritica 5, Noug. Nrn.
Animals from each block were randomly allocated to the five treatment groups (T1M, Mosisa; T2W, Walki; T3D, Degaga; T4S, Shallo; T5L, local straws 70% each plus 30% concentrate mixed at 2:1 ratio of wheat bran and "noug" seed cake each) giving eight replications per treatment.
Wheat bran (the course outer covering of the wheat kernel as separated from cleaned and scoured wheat in a usual process of commercial milling) and "noug" (Guizotia abyssinica) seed cake (the by-products of oil processing from "noug" seed that can be used as a protein supplement in animal feeding) were used as a supplement.