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NOVANorthern Virginia Community College
NOVANorthern Virginia
NOVANational Organization for Victim Assistance
NOVANetwork of Victim Assistance
NOVANational Organization of Veterans' Advocates
NOVANurses Organization of Veterans Affairs
NOVANuovi Orizzonti Per Vivere l'Adozione (Italian adoption agency)
NOVANon-Violence Alliance (Middletown, CT)
NOVANova, Omega, Ventura, Apollo (General Motors)
NOVAProteiN, LigaNd and DNA Optimization in Vacuo (molecular modeling force field)
NOVANASA Open Volumes on Aerospace
NOVANederlandse Orde Van Advocaten (Dutch: Dutch Bar Association; est. 1952)
NOVANearing Our Victorious Ascent (Christian Music Ministry Group)
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No one is trying to invest in preserving Rids bossa nova history," Roquette says.
The Nova unit is available on the Applied Mirra and Applied Reflexion CMP systems.
Nova commercialized FX 110 high-heat crystal PS last fall.
CO: Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency; Tourism Nova Scotia ST:
He says the nova may contain relatively little carbon, since this element would have shortened the duration of the outburst.
NOVA Chemicals produces plastics and chemicals that are essential to everyday life.
We asked drivers, passengers and transit system operators what they were looking for in a new bus, and our engineers listened," said Scott Mintier, General Manager, Nova BUS Corporation.
According to their theory, the white dwarf's strong gravity pulls matter from the companion star, and this is what causes the nova.
From the 17th-century records Shara, Moffat and Webbink determined the position of the nova as right ascension 19 hours 45 minutes 32.
The proclamation of Bill 29, which occurs in two phases, includes a transition period to allow for the two main parties, the Alberta Energy Utilities Board and NOVA Gas Transmission, sufficient time to prepare for traditional regulation.
In 2006, NOVA had total restructuring charges of $985 million of which only $78 million were cash charges.
EDMONTON, Alberta, May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The common shareholders of NOVA Corp.