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NOVASNaval Observatory Vector Astrometry Subroutines (US Navy)
NOVASNordic Veterinary Acupuncture Society
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The Nova Scotia Moores investigated, and found she had got to Havana and discharged her cargo and took on another and left for home; and that was all they ever found out about her.
In the share exchange agreement, Propell exchanged 100,000,000 of its shares of common stock for all of the issued and outstanding shares of Novas. After the consummation of the share exchange, Novas became a wholly owned subsidiary of Propell, and the shareholders of Novas received shares of the common stock representing in the aggregate approximately 56 percent of the outstanding voting power (including common and preferred shares) of Propell.
Novas was highlighted on Fox TV's "America's Most Wanted."
Within days, the star faded, fitting the pattern of a common type of outburst--called nova from the Latin word for "new star"--that astronomers had documented many times before.
An amateur astronomer in the city of Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, has found a nova in the Sagittarius constellation and the International Astronomical Union has recognized his discovery, the astronomer said Tuesday.
When a new high school as being constructed in the rural community of Effingham, Illinois, planners knew that they would incorporate Nova desks by Nova Solutions, Inc.
Tycho Brahe had observed a very bright nova (see 1572) and so had Kepler in 1604.
Novas has enhanced the core performance of its debug platform through a variety of database and library optimization techniques.
Although both types of nova consumed matter at a similarly slow rate, those suspected of harboring black holes radiated only 1 percent as much light as novas with neutron stars did.
Known as GRO J1655-40, this X-ray nova ranked as one of the three brightest X-ray sources in the sky for 2 weeks.
A Hubble image taken last May provided the first glimpse of the novas shell of expelled material as well as a mysterious bar-like structure.