NOVECNorthern Virginia Electric Cooperative
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The Prince William County Solid Waste Division (SWD), Fortistar (a New York-based company that owns and operates the landfill gas-to-energy facility) and NOVEC worked together to develop the landfill gas-to-energy project.
Stan Feuerberg, NOVEC president and CEO, says the construction has already brought more than 100 jobs to the economically hard-hit region.
It will provide NOVEC with a renewable source of electricity and increase logging and trucking jobs for residents.
NOVEC will begin testing the plant in 2013, and by September the plant is expected to begin commercial operation.
Response by NOVEC members, many of whom have encouraged greater use of renewable energy, has been positive.
As part of an effort to generate more complex analytic models, NOVEC embarked on an ambitious data warehousing initiative to get better insight into data across the organization.
We need to leverage our data to generate forecasting and other analytic models that could ultimately help us obtain and deliver energy more cost effectively," said Jamie Hall, senior operations research analyst at NOVEC.
With DataFlux, NOVEC will automate much of its data management process, thereby reducing the number of manual-hours needed to generate daily reports and improving forecast accuracy.
This new tool is one more way NOVEC is working to help customers manage their home energy costs," says Mike Curtis, vice president, public relations.
NOVEC is the 11th largest electric cooperative in the U.
NOVEC consumers can access the HomeEnergySuite by clicking on "Energy-Saving Calculators" on NOVEC's website home page, or by going directly to http://novec.
Fitch believes that continued disagreement between ODEC and NOVEC could become a negative credit factor for ODEC regardless of the organizational structure should it compromise the board's ability to effectively govern the utility.