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NOVICENight Operational Vision and the Individual Combat Engineer
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The scouts departed; strong guards preceded and followed the lumbering vehicles that bore the baggage; and before the gray light of the morning was mellowed by the rays of the sun, the main body of the combatants wheeled into column, and left the encampment with a show of high military bearing, that served to drown the slumbering apprehensions of many a novice, who was now about to make his first essay in arms.
The second novice, Chichester Erskine, is a young poet.
It is strange," continued Raoul, "that monsieur le comte persists in considering me a novice, and not allowing me to partake the honor and danger of his adventure.
A bride and bridegroom, surrounded by all the appliances of wealth, hurried through the day by the whirl of society, filling their solitary moments with hastily-snatched caresses, are prepared for their future life together as the novice is prepared for the cloister--by experiencing its utmost contrast.
When the click of his rosary again broke the hush of the inner court where the calm images of the Arhats stand, a novice whispered, Thy chela is here,' and the old man strode forth, forgetting the end of that prayer.
Madame," I interrupted her, "I may have a certain capacity for action and for responsibility, but as to the regions into which this very unexpected conversation has taken me I am a great novice.
Lord John was an experienced mountaineer, and Summerlee had done some rough climbing at various times, so that I was really the novice at rock-work of the party; but my strength and activity may have made up for my want of experience.
That he was but a novice at dairy work she had realized in a moment, from the time he had spent upon the milking of one cow.
Sellers' demeanour towards her was that of an old-established inmate welcoming a novice into the Hall of Fame.
Oftener it falls that this winged man, who will carry me into the heaven, whirls me into mists, then leaps and frisks about with me as it were from cloud to cloud, still affirming that he is bound heavenward; and I, being myself a novice, am slow in perceiving that he does not know the way into the heavens, and is merely bent that I should admire his skill to rise like a fowl or a flying fish, a little way from the ground or the water; but the all-piercing, all-feeding, and ocular air of heaven that man shall never inhabit.
The robe was a white one with a white veil,--the garb of a novice of the Hôtel-Dien.
He was evidently a novice at punting, and his performance was most interesting.