NOWARNetwork to Oppose War and Racism
NOWARNorthwestern Opposing War and Racism (student organization; Northwestern University; Evanston, IL)
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Fifteen Arab and African films are bidding for the three top awards of the festival; these include two Algerian films (Lyes Salem's The Man from Oran and Narimane Mari's Loubia Hamra), an Egyptian film - "Decor" directed by Ahmad Abdullah, a Jordanian film - "Naji Abu Nowar's Theeb," a Lebanese one - Ghassan Salhab's "The Valley," a Moroccan film - Hicham Lasri's "They Are the Dogs," a Palestinian one - Hany Abu Assad's "Omar," a Syrian film - Samer Nadjari and Dominique Chila's "Arwad," and a Tunisian one - Jilani Saadi's "Bidoun 2," she added.
Abu Nowar's 'Theeb' (Jordan/Qatar/ UAE/UK) also screened.
SANAD supported title THEEB by Jordanian Director Naji Abu Nowar is also among the selected films.
There could be a few awkward moments or a blown approach if the controller clears you to SUMWR and all you see is NOWAR. Sometimes, fixes are relocated without a name change.
In a recent incident of target killings, some 11 labourers working on a local gas plant in Nowar area of Sorab in Kalat district were attacked in which four labourers were killed and seven injured.
The petition was compiled by North Wales Animal Rights (NoWAR) and Clwyd Badger Group on the streets of North East Wales.
We are proud to be supporting them," said Rami Raji, Energy Radio Station's S & M manager."This sponsorship stems from our real belief in developing national talents and skills that are capable of competing with regional and international teams, and achieving good results for the country," said Team Y&R Jordan's CEO Karim AbuKhadra.Nasri Nowar, GM of JATS, added, "We feel that it is our place and duty to be in the forefront as one of the main supporters of one of the main talented national teams such as Jordan Challenge Team, and are confident that they will achieve great results in the rally."Sponsoring JCR team Energy Station, Team Y&R Jordan, JATS
Reports of what followed vary considerably, but on April 13th the opposition to the king was apparently joined by General All Abu Nowar, recently appointed head of the Jordanian army, and other army leaders he had promoted to key posts.
Having retired as a Major General after 30 years in the Arab Legion, Nowar joined the government of Jordan, eventually serving as the Deputy Prime Minister in 1993.
Robert Jensen is a founding member of the Nowar Collective (, a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and author of "Writing Dissent: Taking Radical Ideas from the Margins to the Mainstream.