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NOYSNightmare on Yo Street (music album)
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The cards were on a stump and a big black man bigger than the trees come along and grabbed the cards and the stump and disapered with a noys like thunder.
I became an- noyed at this, for exactitude in some small matters is the very soul of discipline.
In thanks, NOYS will be naming Single Throw an honorary member of the organization.
When Noys cites the "irruptive force" of Bataille's writing, it makes us long for more of that force in his own writing.
While Noys argues that Bataille "wrote with his blood" (5), Noys does not provide many connections between Bataille's life and work, and there are few biographical details.
Noys argues that Bataille was deeply affected by the Nazis' misappropriation of Neitzsche's work and wanted to make his writing "unusable." He did not, of course, succeed, for many people--most notably poststructuralist theorists from Lacan to Derrida--have appropriated Bataille to many ends.
Noys's overview of Bataille and relevant intellectual history is clearly organized and may be quite helpful to the scholar wishing to put the various pieces of Bataille's work into perspective.
The NOYS teams spent 2 days participating in training sessions and workshops provided by traffic safety organizations and companies.