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Thus, lines 5 and 6 read, "For quoso suffer cow[THORN]e syt, sele wolde folze, / And quo for Pro may nozt Pole, Pe Pikker he sufferes." The impatient suffer more, the poet declares in the beginning, and he repeats the point in the last two lines of the tale: "ForPy penaunce and payne topreue hit in syzt / Pat pacience is a nobel poynt, [THORN]az hit displese ofte" (530-31).
Instructions, compiler: 'Rede thys offt butt rede hit soft | And whatt [thorn]ou redust forzeete hit nozt | For here [thorn]e soth [thorn]ou maght se | What fruyte come[thorn] of [thorn]y body'.
UNLIKE the general run of Middle English alliterative poets, the author of St Erkenwald rarely used two words when one would do; yet his poem opens with what appears to be a grossly redundant reference to London |in Englond': At London in Englond nozt full long sythen Sythen Crist suffrid on crosse and Cristendome stablyd...
Alexander 1009; Enquire me nozt [thorn]at question, for I queth [thorn]e it neuer 1110.