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NOxNitrogen Oxide
NOxOxides Of Nitrogen
NOxNitrous Oxide
NOxNorthern Crossroads
NOxNon Expansion (gaming)
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ii) Develop therapeutic small molecules either inhibiting or activating NOX and test their effects in animal models
Adblue--a urea-based aqueous reduction solution in demineralized water--is injected into the hot exhaust gas and decomposes into ammonia, which subsequently transforms the NOx water and nitrogen.
Saviharju added that TRS emissions are very low in modern boilers and that CO emissions can be adjusted to below 10 ppm if low NOx combustion is not necessary.
Test results demonstrated highly efficient, rapid NOx trap regeneration over a variety of operating conditions, resulting in NOx conversion in line with the EPA's mandated emissions requirements for 2007/10.
Two low-cost methods are low NOx burners (staging combustion from a conventional burner that can control 50% of the emissions) and regenerative burners (preheating of combustion air that can control 60%--and achieve 40% in fuel savings).
The old tailpipe inspections (which are still being performed in the less smoggy areas of the state) test vehicles for hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) only while idling; therefore, the old ``basic'' test can't detect NOx emissions.
Architects NOX, Oosterhuis Associates, both Rotterdam, the Netherlands
NOx adsorbers, also known as NOx storage catalysts, provide stable storage for the nitrogen oxides during lean running that is typical in diesel engines, in order to release them in the form of the air component nitrogen during short-term operation using additional fuel.
But considering the scale of the NOx emissions reduction and the additional operating efficiencies to be captured further down the pulp line as a result of the wood handling improvements, Sodra Cell believes that this project's four-year payback period provides an excellent investment.