NP1Neuronal Pentraxin 1
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Six variants of mineral nutrition N (120 kg N ha-1), NK (120 kg N ha-1, 60 kg K2O ha-1), NP1 (120 kg N ha-1, 60 kg P2O5 ha-1), NP2 (120 kg N ha-1, 100 kg P2O5 ha-1), NP1K (120 kg N ha-1, 60 kg P2O5 ha-1, 60 kg K2O ha-1) and NP2K (120 kg N ha-1, 100 kg P2O5 ha-1, 60 kg K2O ha-1) and untreated control were tested in the experiment.
Luo et al., "Human bocavirus NP1 inhibits IFN-[micro] production by blocking association of IFN regulatory factor 3 with IFNB promoter," The Journal of Immunology, vol.
Considering only coding regions, it was observed identity for NS1 (100.0%, 99.0% and 93.2%), NP1 (99.5%, 96.8% and 91.6%), and VP1/VP2 (99.6%, 99.1% and 95.6%) for samples from Thailand, China, and Nigeria, respectively.
a TOC 0,83 NP1 12,92 NP2 22,92 NP3 3,33 NP4 33,75 NP5 0,83 NP6 12,50 NP7 1,67 NP8 0,83 INC 2,92 MIX 2,92 ALT 1,25 DUP 2,92 IND 0,42 b FORM 1% SNP 89% INC 3% MIX 3% ALT 1% PITI 3% IND 0% Graphs of relative ceramic frequencies (percent of complete vessels): (a) ceramic type frequencies (TOC: Formative Period; NP1-NP8, INC [COY] y MIX: Middle Period; ALT: Tiwanaku and related Altiplano ceramics; DUP: Late Intermediate Period; IND: Unknown; (b) ceramic traditions frequencies (Form: Formative Period; SNP: San Pedro Black Polished Ware; INC: San Pedro Incised Ware or Coyo (COY); MIX: San Pedro Mix Ware (Black-Red); ALT: Tiwanaku and related Altiplano ceramics; PITI: Late Intermediate Period; IND: Unknown).
En adicion a lo anterior, se ha observado en respuesta a la induccion de la via ERK/MAPK, la expresion de un factor de transcripcion de destino venoso denominado chicken ovalbumin upstream promoter-transcription factor II (COUP-TFII); el cual, al suprimir su expresion, induce marcadores arteriales en territorio venoso, como ephrinB2, Jag1, Notch1 y NP1 en roedores (Swift et al.).
The verbs under consideration give rise to the following intransitive causal configuration: NP1 V with / in / from / under NP2, in which various prepositions can make the connection between the action encoded by a verb and the cause underlying that action.
NP1 verbs Bias NP2 verbs Bias Amazed 1.19 Admire 2.00 Annoy 1.19 Adore 1.86 Apologize 1.00 Appreciate 2.00 Be in the way 1.08 Comfort 1.91 Beg 1.17 Compliment on something 1.96 Bore 1.05 Congratulate 1.95 Call 1.19 Criticize 2.00 Confess 1.03 Envy 2.00 Disappoint 1.03 Fear 2.00 Disturb 1.14 Fire 1.96 Fascinate 1.00 Hate 1.96 Hurt 1.13 Hold in contempt 2.00 Inspire 1.23 Hold responsible 1.91 Intimidate 1.23 Loathe 1.86 Irritate 1.22 Love 1.86 Lie to 1.22 Praise 1.96 Mislead 1.22 Press charges against 1.91 Swindle 1.13 Punish 1.95 Win 1.19 Respect 1.95 Worry 1.19 Thank 1.82 TABLE 4: System composition comparison of GCAS, GCAS-L, and CL-CIS.