NP1Neuronal Pentraxin 1
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Reextraction and testing of the original tick homogenates using both primer/probe sets NP1 and PB1 confirmed BRBV RNA in all 3 pools.
The analysis on the ORFs of HBoV-4 in relation to types 1, 2, and 3 showed great nucleotide divergence (>25%) for ORFs NP1 and NS1 of types 1 and 3, which is in line with the literature, with 87% of ORF VP1/VP2 identity between type 3 and HBoV-4.
The preposition assigned to the oblique argument is typically to: NP1 JOIN [PP to NP2], and although Levin does not include intransitive uses of attach, we have found intransitive examples following this pattern9.
Square grids 8 m by 8 m, marked at 2-m intervals, were laid out in a representative part of the stands at the four sites (SC1, SC2, NP1, NP2), providing 25 sampling positions at each site in grid 1, the main grid (see Fig.
he first stage of development includes design and fabrication of one Trainer and one Fighter, NP1 and NP2 respectively, along with a Shore Based Test Facility (SBTF) at Goa, to simulate carrier take off and arrested landing.
Summary: Bangalore, July 06, 2010, SPA -- India&'s first Naval Light Combat Aircraft, the LCA (Navy) NP1, rolled out here Tuesday with Defence Minister A K Antony describing the occasion as a "defining and a memorable moment.
Bacterial colony PCR was performed on the GeneAmp PCR System-9700 (Dynal) with 1 [micro]l of bacteria culture in a total volume of 25 [micro]l (400 nM each of NP1 and NP2R primers, 0.
It can be obtained from the author at 31 Medart Street, Cross Keys, Gwent, NP1 7AG.
924 251,785 [greater than or equal to] 8 389,421 382,656 Number of Average Average Candidates PFP TSU Nominated Votes Votes 1 30,167 25,960 2 77,929 50,280 3 101,740 35,885 4 113,999 5 183,549 6 7 [greater than or equal to] 8 Table 4 Election Results in the Second District of Taipei County, 2001 (DM = 10) Candidate Candidate Vote Party Vote DPP1 (a) 76,101 DPP2 (a) 67,710 228,564 DPP3 (a) 42,754 DPP4 (a) 41,999 KMT1 (a) 37,656 KMT2 (a) 36,816 KMT3 (a) 36,611 165,500 KMT4 32,155 KMT5 22,262 NP1 7,584 7,584 IND1 31,470 IND2 1,238 33,897 IND3 863 IND4 326 PFP1 (a) 60,624 PFP2 (a) 38,799 116,786 PFP3 17,363 TSU1 (a) 40,521 48,628 TSU2 8,107 Note: (a.
Analysing these sentences, the formula NP1 V TRANS NP2 (NP1 and NP2 stand for the subject and direct object, respectively, and V TRANS is a transitive verb) embodies their prototypical syntactic properties.
NP1 VI NP2 V2 (subject) (causative predicate) (object) (resultative predicate)
The first goal was to examine the relationship between the NP1 and QRPs.