NP2Neuronal Pentraxin 2
NP2Nucleoside Phosphorylase-2
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Airgun tuners have been buttoning pistons for years to remove the last bit of vibration, but the NP2 marks the first time this has been done to a production gas spring
Robert Brear Professor and chair of the Department of Neurology and his coworkers, had demonstrated that injection of NP2 into the skin reduces pain in models of pain caused by nerve damage, inflammation, or cancer.
The first stage of development includes design and fabrication of one Trainer and one Fighter, NP1 and NP2 respectively, along with a Shore Based Test Facility (SBTF) at Goa.
We have made significant progress in advancing NP2, the first of several product candidates, towards the clinic in a timely and effective manner," said Michael Christini, President of Diamyd, Inc.
The purpose of the randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled Phase II study is to evaluate the effect of intradermal injection of NP2 Enkephalin on pain reported by subjects suffering from severe intractable pain due to cancer, as well as to confirm the safety of the treatment.
The study and the analysis of the data is still ongoing and it is yet too early to determine what the best way forward is for the development of NP2 Enkephalin and the NTDDS platform respectively.
The purpose of the Phase II study is to evaluate NP2 Enkephalin for the treatment of severe and chronic cancer pain.
Following an evaluation of the results of the ongoing NP2 En- kephalin study, the Company plans to commence clinical studies with the next NTDDS-based drug candidate, NG2 GAD, for the treatment of other types of chronic pain.
NP2 Enkephalin has been evaluated in a clinical Phase I study for treatment of chronic cancer pain and is now being tested further in a Phase II study.
The next milestone will be the results from the Phase II trial with NP2 Enkephalin, which we hope will establish proof of principle for this new method of treating pain as well as the entire NTDDS platform.
The Phase II clinical trial, with the candidate drug NP2 Enkephalin, started in January 2011 the recruitment of approximately 32 subjects with severe cancer pain.
The publication, entitled "Gene Therapy for Pain: Results of a Phase I Clinical Trial" details the results of Diamyd's Phase I dose-escalation clinical trial of NP2 Enkephalin through the four month evaluation period.