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Meanwhile the Ivan Kostov government prepared a National Strategy on Bulgaria's Accession to EU (1998) and a National Program for the Adoption of the Acquis Communautaire (NPAA), which set out in detail the necessary first steps and actions for the country; the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities was signed (1997) and ratified (1999).
(1957) 'The Psychology of the Female Offender', NPAA Journal 3 (January): 7-12.
Before getting the status of an official applicant State, the EU made a pre-accession strategy towards the candidate countries of Central Europe which was founded on: European Agreements, Accession Partnerships and National Programs for the Adoption of the Acquis (NPAA), pre-accession assistance, including the PHARE Program, environment and transport investment (IPSA Program), agricultural and rural development support (SAPARD Program), co-financing with the international institutions (IFIs), opening of European Community programs and agencies.
The changes in PHARE programmes and related procedures were not accompanied by effective systems for defining, planning, monitoring and reviewing such major changes, it says.At the end of 1998 the National Programmes for the Adoption of the Acquis (NPAA) for candidate countries of Central and Eastern Europe, did not provide a sufficiently reliable overview to ensure that all objectives were covered by national budgets, PHARE programmes or other forms of assistance.
Because of the different objectives (which are complementary), the Commission needed two different legal bases.The 10-11 December 1999 European Council in Helsinki stated that Turkey is a candidate State destined to join the EU on the basis of the same criteria as applied to the other candidates: that Turkey will benefit from a pre-accession strategy (building on the European strategy for Turkey).An Accession Partnership (AP) was also to be put in place, combined with a National Programme for the adoption of the acquis (NPAA).
It also called on the Government to submit proposals for new or amended laws on regional development, consumer protection, civil service, register of economic entities, company law, electronic documents, intellectual property in the import and export of goods, and standardisation, as well as the medium-term economic and energy strategies so that their adoption, approval or voting could take place as soon as possible.Lithuania will be submitting its EU Accession Programme - its new National Programme for Adaptation to the Acquis (NPAA) to the Commission this month.
MEPs and Slovenian Parliamentarians welcomed the ambitious NPAA, "the possibility for Slovenia to participate fully in Community programmes in several important fields, such as SMEs and training, youth and education" and the fact that the EU-Slovenia Inter-Governmental Conference on EU accession had started "substantial negotiations".