NPACINational Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure
NPACINational Partnership for Advanced Computing Infrastructure
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The availability of Platform Rocks SE as a management tool for the HP Cluster Platform 3000 expands our customers' choices even more, providing a cost-effective and commercially supported means to deploy the popular NPACI Rocks Linux cluster solution.
Scalable Rocks currently ships with either NPACI Rocks OS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Scalable Systems Singapore is one of the core-developers and long-time contributors to the NPACI Rocks project and I am confident that this will give Sun and its partners access to one of the largest and most experienced Rocks developers and engineers outside of SDSC.
Where the original systems required dedicated cluster experts to execute that vision, NPACI Rocks software makes this personal aspect real by allowing scientists to spend most of their time using their supercomputer to make discoveries and almost none of their time as a system administrator.
As a national laboratory for computational science and engineering, SDSC is funded by the National Science Foundation through NPACI and other federal agencies, the State and University of California, and private organizations.
Designed for extremely high-performance and bandwidth-intensive applications, the TeraGrid prototype at SC2002 will include (32) IBM Linux nodes, based on Intel's Itanium2 architecture, distributed across the Alliance, NPACI, CACR and Argonne booths.
According to Mary Thomas, Grid Computing Group manager at TACC: "The NPACI Grid Portal Toolkit is one of the leading toolkits for building Grid-based portals on Grids that use the Globus Toolkit(TM).
NPACI is funded by the National Science Foundation and led by the San Diego Supercomputer Center.
Grimshaw also serves or has served on numerous advanced computing committees and panels including the NPACI executive committee, the DoD HPCMOD PET executive committee, the NIST ITL review panel, the NASA CESDIS review panel, and the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Computing.
The Alliance and NPACI are both part of the National Science Foundation's Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure Program.
Legion was first developed at the University of Virginia with NSF, DOE, DOD, and NASA support and in collaboration with NPACI and NAVO MSRC.