NPACINational Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure
NPACINational Partnership for Advanced Computing Infrastructure
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The integrated portal extends the capabilities of the NPACI HotPage to include computational resources from the NCSA and PSC, plus resources from the NASA Information Power Grid.
In our technology thrust areas--the technologies NPACI develops by transferring them from their cradles in research groups to new, real-world test beds--we have already demonstrated a few hardened and user-ready metasystems, programming tools and environments, data-intensive computing environments, and interaction environments as harbingers of the future.
edu) is deputy director of the San Diego Supercomputer Center and leader of the NPACI Resources Working Group.
As envisioned, the NPACI metasystem contains thousands of hosts and petabytes of data.
NPACI is bringing together collaborative research projects in which data collections are distributed across multiple sites.
The tools and programming environments being developed and deployed in NPACI and in the larger community will help build complex applications systems using high-performance computing resources efficiently.
As a national laboratory for computational science and engineering, SDSC is funded by the National Science Foundation through NPACI and other federal agencies, the State and University of California, and private organizations.
NPACI has sought to develop university-level computational science curricula as well as computational tools and methodologies in science and math curricula in U.
The Grid, prototyped by the Alliance, along with similar efforts by NPACI, will serve as an early model for a full-scale advanced computational infrastructure, which will be built jointly by computer, communications, and software vendors to support U.
Breakthrough discoveries in fields from genomics to astronomy depend critically on computational and data-management infrastructure," said Fran Berman, director of NPACI and SDSC and a principal investigator of the TeraGrid award.
The Distributed Computing team also hopes to exploit components of the University of Virginia's Legion OO metacomputing system being developed as part of the NPACI program.
NPACI is funded by the National Science Foundation and led by the San Diego Supercomputer Center.