NPACSNurses Providing Annual Cancer Screening (educational program)
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Under the new law, designated NPACs are entitled to free and equitable use of government facilities and cultural venues devoted to cultural and artistic performances; access to grants for research documentations, productions, workshops, training and audience development programs from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, subject to proper evaluation; and intellectual property rights of their work, including music, choreographs, and other artistic creations.
Designated NPACs of the National Ballet/ Contemporary Dance Company, National Theater Company, and National Orchestra genres will be appropriated P10 million each while NPACs from National Choral Company and National String Ensemble genres will be given P5 million each.
It is hoped that the NPACS crash tests will be up and running within two years.
"What we did as a result of the knowledge we gained in doing that, we began to build software products that we could sell to local telephone carriers that would be sufficient for them to interoperate with the seven NPACs," explained Abbott.
We then interfaced with all seven NPACs to provide a national presence and be able to port our office and employee's numbers all around the country.
The process consists of attaching a local routing number (LRN) to the phone number as it is stored in the number portability administration center (NPAC), and then using the LRN to route the call away from its normal route (NXX terminating switch at the ILEC) to its new terminating switch right here on our campus.