NPARNetwork Partitioning (Dell)
NPARNon-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (symposium)
NPARNuclear Plant Aging Research (program)
NPARNIC (Network Interface Card) Partitioning (computer networking)
NPARNumber Port Activation Request
NPARNon-Performing Asset Ratio (banks)
NPARNavy Precision Approach Radar
NPARNational Patient Antibody Registry
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Chui, "Coherent line drawing," in NPAR '07 Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering, pp.
Modelo Areas L-V Npar AP AIC FEI -75,66 2 8,30 155,3 Nsm FES -111,9 2 44,03 227,8 FMA -105,1 2 0,01 214,3 FEI -75,66 4 8,30 159,3 MV FES -111,9 4 44,03 231,3 FMA -105,1 4 0,01 218,3 Em que: L-V = log-verossimilhanca; Npar = numero de parametros; (AP) = alcance pratico (3[PHI] para kappa = 0,5), (AIC) = Criterio de Informacao de Akaike; FEI = floresta em estagio inicial; FES = floresta em estagio secundario; FMA = floresta madura.
NPar Tests Kruskal-Wallis Test Ranks N Mean Rank matematika 2.00 30 32,12 3.00 14 20,04 4.00 8 16,75 Total 52 Test Statistics (a,b) matematika Chi-Square 10,452 df 2 Asymp.
Salesin, "Example-based composite sketching of human portraits," in Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (NPAR '04), pp.
Although Legates and McCabe (1999) indicated that a hydrological model can be sufficiently evaluated by DC and RMSE, the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC), which is based on the parsimony, penalizes the RMSE with the number of trained parameters (Npar) which was also utilized as [11]
data: 28817, R (int): 0.045, observed data [I > 2.0 sigma (/)]: 9904, 8774, Nref, Npar: 9904,806, and R, wR2, S: 0.0851, 0.2586,1.03.
The index Index Persian equivalents The type for indices research model NPAR free parameters for 21 the codified model Absolute CMIN Non-significant 8.43 Chi-square DF Degree of freedom 9 P Significance level <0.013 Relative RMSEA The index of Root 0.000 Mean Square CMIN/DF Error of Approximation 0.937 Chi-square to degrees of freedom Adaptive TLI Tucker-Lewis FitIndex 1.024 CFI ComparativeFitIndex 1.000 frugal PNFI Parsimony Normed Fit 0.507 Index PCFI Parsimony Comparative 0.600 Fit Index Table 3: Comparing the order of the factors in SPSS and AMOS.
Coeficientes de ajuste del modelo Model NPAR CMIN DF P CMIN DF IFI Defaut 54 285.927 98 .000 2.918 .931 model Saturated 152 .000 0 1.000 model Independence 16 2807.186 136 .000 20.641 .000 model Model CFI RMSEA Defaut .930 0.56 model Saturated 1.000 model Independence .000 .178 model Tabla 5.
When propensity of use was assessed, three latent classes were detected (Bayesian information criterion (BIC), [L.sup.2] = -16962.7; nPar = 47; Wald = 51.46, p<0.001), indicating that there are three distinct profiles of product use.
Each chromosome consists of NPAR parameters, or genes, represented by floating-point numbers.
Gooch, "Towards mapping the field of non-photorealistic rendering" in Proceedings of the 8th Meeting of the International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (NPAR '10), pp.
However, there was the repetition of confirmation in data statistical analysis by using the difference value of the NPar Kruskal-Wallis test which the highest mean rank was 14.80 from group no.3 and the second highest was 11.60 from group no.1, the third mean rank was 8.40 from group no.2, and the lowest mean rank was 7.20 from group no.4.