NPATHNational Patient Air Transport Hotline (medical transport)
NPATHNational Patient Air Travel Helpline
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The composite acyclic execution path complexity for a C function, NPATH, is
The complete algorithm to compute NPATH is listed in Appendix A.
A segment of C source code and its corresponding NPATH measure follows (also see Figure 9):
The NPATH value of 16 is obtained as follows: NP(<if>) = NP(<if-range>) +
We now demonstrate that NPATH overcomes the shortcomings of McCabe's measure.
NPATH, on the other hand, is based on unique expressions of acyclic execution path complexity for each C control flow structure.
Another criticism of McCabe's measure is that it does not account for nesting levels within a function, whereas the NPATH measure does.
An anomaly arises in the NPATH definition when a certain class of control flow structure sequences appears in a function.
S1; The NPATH measure for this segment of code is 4.
Given any two logical expressions <expr1> and <expr 2> governing the execution of two different sequential sequences of code, if <expr1> is identical to <expr2> or <expr 1> is not logically equivalent to (expr2), and the values of the control variables in <expr 1> and <expr2> are the same, then the NPATH measure overstates the acyclic execution path complexity by a factor of 2.
* NPATH is the number of acyclic execution paths through a function.
Also, when NPATH is correlated to NCSL, TOKENS, and V(G), the resulting co relations are 0.57, 0.53, and 0.56, respectively.