NPAWNational Pain Awareness Week (Canadian Pain Coalition; Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)
NPAWNational Plan of Action for Women (Poland)
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He also pointed to the breadth and depth of the SmartModules as particularly valuable to NPAW customers, noting that while most other tools focus on the operations manager, modules like the SmartUser allow the system to provide valuable insights to the content and marketing managers as well.
While Mux doesn't offer the broad functionality of NPAW, or the scale or informational scope of Conviva, it's the most affordable of the three and is currently used by sites like PBS, Funny or Die, Livestream, and Wistia.
Although the Mux beacon hasn't been included in as many platforms as Conviva or NPAW, the company currently supports multiple OPV services; players like Video.
NPAW provides business intelligence and analytics technology for the online video industry.
NPAW and Streamroot have long shared a commitment to offering robust, pioneering solutions that better our industry.
NPAW is a big data and business intelligence company serving the online media industry.
The Bell 429 is the most technologically advanced and capable light-twin helicopter in the marketplace and will serve the NPAW and NEMA well for many years to come," said Robert Prentice, vice president, Aircraft Sales, Africair, Inc.
The NPAW and NEMA selected the Bell 429 for is large cabin size, state-of-the-art avionics, its smooth and fast ride, and the EASA-approved Bell Helicopter maintenance program that ensures superior post-delivery support and service.
NPAW and Ooyala, an OVP with its own analytics package, integrated their solutions as a way to use analytics and metrics for both OVP/CDN load balancing as well as Ooyala's audience engagement tools.
In early 2016, a lawsuit filed by Conviva against NPAW accused the latter of infringing on multiple U.