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NPCNon-Player Character
NPCNuclear Pore Complex
NPCNational People’s Congress (Chinese Legislature)
NPCNational Physique Committee
NPCNational Press Club
NPCNational Planning Commission (Nepal)
NPCNational Postgraduate Committee (UK)
NPCNetwork and Parallel Computing (International Conference)
NPCNeighborhood Parks Council
NPCNational Petroleum Council (An advisory committee to the U.S. Secretary of Energy)
NPCNational Panhellenic Conference
NPCNational Power Corporation (Philippines)
NPCNasopharyngeal Carcinoma
NPCNavy Personnel Command
NPCNational Packaging Covenant (Australia)
NPCNational Prescribing Centre (UK)
NPCNationalist People's Coalition (Philippines)
NPCNon-Playable Characters (role playing games)
NPCNational Poverty Center (University of Michigan)
NPCNational Peace Council (Sri Lanka)
NPCNiemann-Pick Disease, Type C
NPCNational Productivity Council (India)
NPCNational Provincial Championship (New Zealand)
NPCNational Potato Council
NPCNunavut Planning Commission (Canada)
NPCNational Pensioners Convention (United Kingdom)
NPCNevada Power Company
NPCNoise Pollution Clearinghouse
NPCNational Pharmaceutical Council
NPCNational Productivity Corporation (Malaysia)
NPCNeural Progenitor Cell
NPCNet Present Cost
NPCNonplayer Character (gaming)
NPCNorthern People's Congress
NPCNeutral-Point Clamped (converter)
NPCNational People's Coalition (Philippines)
NPCNational Pastors Convention
NPCNetwork Parameter Control
NPCNatural Progesterone Cream
NPCNonproliferation Center
NPCNauru Phosphate Corporation
NPCNon-Playing Captain (bridge card game)
NPCNotional Principal Contract
NPCNear Point of Convergence
NPCNational Payment Card
NPCNeighbourhood Police Centre (Singapore)
NPCNational Policy Committee (ANSI)
NPCNational Partnership Council
NPCNorth Pacific Cable
NPCNational Protection Center
NPCNigerian Press Council (est. 1992)
NPCNational Policy Council (AARP)
NPCNaval Photographic Center
NPCNon Profit Commons (Second Life video game)
NPCNintendo Puzzle Collection
NPCNormal Portland Cement
NPCNew Phillips Curve (data)
NPCNATO Programming Centre
NPCNATO Pipeline Committee
NPCNational Plasterer’s Council
NPCNon-Deterministic Polynomial-Time Complete
NPCNetwork Personal Computer
NPCNon-Productive Cough
NPCNumber Portability Clearinghouse (telecommunications)
NPCNational Philatelic Centre (Canada Post Corporation)
NPCNational Parks of Canada
NPCNormalized Projection Coordinate (computer science)
NPCNo Patient Contact (medical)
NPCNurse Practitioner, Certified
NPCNational Prototype Center
NPCSouthwest Center for Natural Products Research and Commercialization
NPCNiue Power Corporation (Niue Island, New Zealand)
NPCNumerical Precision Control
NPCNational Petroleum Company PLC (Amman, Jordan)
NPCNEXRAD Program Council
NPCNorth Point College (India)
NPCNetwork Processing Circuit (AT&T)
NPCNASA Policy Charter
NPCNon-Playing Computer (gaming)
NPCNational Payment Center
NPCNonrecurring Production Costs
NPCNational Point Code
NPCNavy Policy Council
NPCNIMA Production Cell
NPCNorth Power Controller
NPCNovel Power Control Scheme
NPCNavy Procurement Circular
NPCNetwork Provider Code
NPCNearest Person of Color
NPCNetpro Computing
NPCNational Peanut Council
NPCNational Paddling Committee (American Canoe Association)
NPCNorth Pole Central (comic)
NPCNo Periodic Calibration
NPCNeuro Physiological Conditioning
NPCNon-Cooperative Power Control
NPCNew Paradigm Commerce, Inc
NPCNancy Poker Club (France)
NPCNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (East Hanover, NJ)
NPCNational Pay Commission (Bangladesh)
NPCNational Policy Conference (various organizations)
NPCNational Power Company (various nations)
NPCNational Polytechnic College (California)
NPCNutrition Panel Calculator (food standards; Australia and New Zealand)
NPCNegative Perspective Collage (fine art technique)
NPCNative Plant Community (classifications)
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Earlier speaking at the meeting, NPC General Secretary Tariq Chudhary said a child care centre would be set up in the club for working women journalists.
In some cases, RGB images were used for NPC measurements to insure full longitude coverage.
Through the combination of two synthetic peptides representing the immunodominant epitopes of EBNA1 and the viral capsid antigen VCA-p18, only a one-stop ELISA is needed for the specific detection of EBV-reactive IgA antibody in NPC patients.
Founded in 1953 and supported by the nation's major research-based pharmaceutical companies, NPC focuses on research development, information dissemination, and education on the critical issues of evidence, innovation and the value of medicines for patients.
NPC said in fiscal 2006/07, Iran had devoted $22bn for projects to be ready by 2010.
For people who want to put their knowledge to work, the NPC Resource Library page has links for activists, educational resources, upcoming noise conferences and meetings, and potential funding sources.
For example, a taxpayer with an NPC calling for a contingent backloaded payment could terminate the contract just prior to maturity if it were in a "gain" position and treat the resulting payment as capital gain.
In the upcoming NPC meeting, nearly 3,000 deputies will decide on the new leadership of the central government, the NPC, and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.
Most growers want to be recognized that they are using crop protection products in a sound way," says Allen Olberding, NPC president and former environmental affairs vice president, Pasco, Wash.
Unless NPC receives long-term commitments from its customers, it does not purchase or employ dedicated subassembly tools and time to a particular job.
TEI is also troubled by the characterization of the rights and obligations of the parties to an NPC as an interest in personal property to the extent such a characterization causes gain or loss on termination of the NPC to be capital in nature under section 1234A.
The units sold pursuant to the PSA are expected to result in a material non-cash loss for NPC due to the anticipated write-down of intangible assets including franchise rights and goodwill relating to the sold stores.