NPCONon-Party Costs Order (UK)
NPCONorth Pasadena Community Outreach (Texas)
NPCONevada Power Company
NPCONursing Practicum Coordination Office (Canada)
NPCONeighbourhood Police Centre Officer (Singapore)
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The Table reveals the values of the NPCO for yam, rice and cassava to be less than unity.
In addition, the DRC, SRP, PC also increased, while the SCB, EPC, NPCO and EPS decreased for yam producers.
Nominal output protection coefficient (NPCO) value was the ratio between revenue based on private price and revenue based on social price.
Parameter Value Output Transfer (OT) (119,782,182.47) Nominal Production Coefficient Outputs (NPCO) 0.29 Table 5: Parameter Value of the Input Policy Impact on the Aren Sugar Processing Business in the Kolaka District, 2014.
Two types of accounting information are relevant: a) financial information disclosure to the donors by the recipient NPCO about the money received from donors, and b) financial accountability of the recipient NPCO to their donors.
However, another factor that strongly influences donations in western societies is religiosity, as is clearly demonstrated by the Giving USA Foundation estimate of giving by individual donors to religious congregations and religious organizations in 2008 as $106.89 billion, a figure that accounts for 35% of the total given to NPCO in the US (U.S.
Subjective norm score was measured by three items that express the perceived social pressure regarding making a donation to NPCO from three sources: spouse, important relatives, and friends.
The eight questions were: "Does the NPCO disclose financial information publicly and/or periodically?", "Do you seek to understand the financial management of your donated money?", "Do you think the NPCO is under obligation to disclose financial information to donors?", "Does the NPCO use donated money effectively?", "Do you make an effort to inquire about the use of donated money?", "Is the financial statement audited by a certified public accountant?", and "Is the NPCO under obligation to have financial statements audited by a certified public accountant?"
The first four questions measure the respondents' perception of the financial information disclosure of their donated money ([alpha] = .808) and the last four questions measure their perception of the NPCO's financial accountability to the donors ([alpha] = .716).
In regard to the financial management of their money donated to NPCO, over 50% of the respondents answered "Don't know" to the question on whether financial statements issued by NPCO had been audited by certified public accountants.