NPCRNational Program of Cancer Registries
NPCRNested Polymerase Chain Reaction (product contamination reduction)
NPCRNeighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization (community-university partnership)
NPCRNormalized Protein Catabolic Rate
NPCRNo Periodic Calibration Required
NPCRNavy Program Cost Review (Naval Center for Cost Analysis, NCCA)
NPCRNon-Linear Principal Components Regression
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From the comparison, our algorithm presents better performance in NPCR and UACI measurements.
Las muestras de hisopos recogidos de Ambystoma mexicanum en semicautiverio mostraron un 75% de positivos (9/12) para el hongo quitrido mediante el diagnostico de nPCR (Cuadro 3).
Specific nPCR reactions were performed directly with 1 [micro]L of the primary PCR product separately.
Data on new cases of invasive uterine cancer ([dagger]) diagnosed during 1999-2015 were obtained from population-based cancer registries affiliated with NPCR and SEER.
In order to compare the positive DNA fragments from nPCR, the samples were sequenced in platform with an Applied Biosystems[R] 3500 Genetic Analyzer.
When interpreting the values of predialysis arterial blood gases, normal acid-base status was the most common with 43% (n=40), followed by metabolic alkalosis with chronic hydrogen ion deficiency in 19,6% (n=18), with an average nPCR of 1,03 ([+ or -]0,19) and MIS of 5 (IQR 4 - 6).
Abbreviations BIA: Bioelectrical impedance analysis BMI: Body mass index BW: Body weight CKD: Chronic kidney disease DXA: Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry ECF: Extracellular fluid FFM: Fat-free mass FFMI: Fat-free mass index FMI: Fat mass index FM: Fat mass ICF: Intracellular fluid IQR: Interquartile range kg: Kilogram m: Meter MIS: Malnutrition-Inflammation Score nPCR: Normalized protein catabolic rate SD: Standard deviation TBW: Total body water TIBC: Total iron-binding capacity.
We observed that the patients with intradialytic hypertension were older and had significantly lower Hb, nPCR, urine output, and bicarbonate serum concentrations than patients without intradialytic hypertension.
The comparison of key space is shown in Table 5 and the NPCR and UACI between Figures 37(a) and 37(b)-37(f) are calculated in Table 6.
To measure the diffusion property of an image cryptosystem, two criteria, that is, NPCR (the number of pixel change rate) and UACI (the unified average changing intensity), are commonlyused.
The ASRs per 100,000 in western countries were much higher than the values in Jordan and Arab countries; for example, the rates reached as high as 438.7 for males and 332.6 for females in Belgium (2004-2007), 447.4 for males and 350.2 for females in Ireland (2003-2007), 327.1 for males and 276.1 for females in the Netherlands (2003-2007), 358.4 for males and 301.5 for females in the UK (2003-2007), 335.0 for males and 273.6 for females in Canada (2003-2007), and 363.4 for males and 284.6 for females in USA, the National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR) (42 states) (2003-2007) [18].