NPCSNonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems (journal; est. 1998)
NPCSNon-Passenger Coaching Stock (railways)
NPCSNon-Permit Confined Space
NPCSNevada Power Clark Station (Las Vegas, NV)
NPCSNorthern Potter Children's School
NPCSNarrowband Personal Communication System
NPCSNon-Preemptible Critical Section Algorithm
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Passi City Police Station was the pilot station from the Iloilo Police Provincial Office (IPPO) for the implementation of the NPCS.
No details about what role will these NPCs have in the game.
That of there being no dialogue with the NPCs. The v1.1 update adds dialogue to NPC, and while they may not complete their dialogue tree, it's still nice to hear townsfolk talking to you as it makes the game-world feel more alive.
"At Agitos, we've got a range of funding opportunities but we want the NPCs to come forward and avail of these benefits.
'We are delighted that Citi joins the NPC Philippines as a corporate partner and we look forward to working together to further awareness of how our para-sports program drives social inclusion,' NPC Philippines President Michael Barredo said.'This new partnership will catalyze our efforts in pursuing our vision of enabling our Filipino para-athletes to achieve sporting excellence and excite and inspire the world.'
It serves clients through a local presence in each of these 18 NPC communities and will engage fans through integrated marketing campaigns and promotions to generate excitement and national pride around the extraordinary accomplishments of the countries' Para athletes.
This protocol uses sequential enzymatic purification steps on PSC committed to the neuroectodermal lineage, to generate pure populations of NPCs. Figure 1(a) illustrates the differentiation protocol.
For NIPTs, [AR.sub.T2] (median, 0.48; range, 0.18-0.97) was statistically significantly less than [AR.sub.T1] (median, 1.01; range, 0.80-1.99), while these values were not significantly different for NPCs. The interobserver agreement in differentiating between NIPT and NPC was good, with a sensitivity of 93% and a specificity of 83%-94%.
Commentators also agree on sub-Saharan Africa's pressing need for task delegation to NPCs and other associate health workers, for additional rural externships and rurally-focused curricula, and for higher budgets towards incentivizing physicians' and NPCs' rural deployment.
Human neural progenitor cells (NPCs) have the potential to serve as an ideal in vitro system to evaluate the effect of propofol among other anesthetics agents [16-18].
As one type of stem cells in the brain, neural progenitor cells (NPCs) residing in the subventricular zone contact the blood vessels and directly juxtapose to ECs [8].