NPCSCNational People's Congress Standing Committee (China)
NPCSCNational People of Color Student Coalition (formerly National Third World Student Coalition)
NPCSCNorth Putnam Community School Corporation (Bainbridge, IN)
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The HKSAR Government will assess the situation carefully and take forward constitutional development according to the Basic Law and the relevant NPCSC interpretation and decisions.
In October 2003, before the Annan Plan vote, one of China's NPCSC members (the name was censored in Xinhua), again explained China's official position during a Cyprus visit.
The pro-Beijing camp proposed accepting the electoral reform announced by the NPCSC first and negotiating the policy later, whereas the prodemocracy side proposed rejecting the electoral reform because there will be no space to negotiate with the NPCSC in the future.
"Constitutional development must be built on the basis of our basic law and the decisions adopted by (China's) NPCSC, other means would only be futile and impractical, and the aim of universal suffrage for the chief executive election would remain a castle in the air," Lam said during last week's Legislative Council address.
"The Hong Kong Federation of Students and Scholarism began protesting outside headquarters of government agencies on 22 September against the NPCSC's decision.
The decision responded to a report submitted to the NPCSC in July by Chief Executive Leung on the "need to amend the methods for selecting" the Chief Executive in 2017 and the Legislative Council (Legco) in 2016.
The NPCSC has ruled that for the 2017 chief executive election, a "broadly representative nomination committee" may be formed along the lines of those of previous elections, comprised of four major sectors seen to favor Beijing-loyalists.
Apart from empowering the NPCSC in Hong Kong's political development, the Basic Law, Hong Kong's mini-constitution in effect since its handover, also stipulates a nomination process that has been in use in past leadership elections but disputed by some as undemocratic because the majority of voters have no say.
Likewise, Guangdong Province Statistics and NPCSC's survey data were used to calculate the labour employed by TIEs in Guangdong.
Subsequent Interpretation of the Basic Law by the NPCSC D.
National People's Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) issued a decision on Hong Kong's constitutional development which, while ruling out universal suffrage in 2012, appears to open the way for Hong Kong to achieve full universal suffrage for the CE in 2017, and full universal suffrage for LegCo in 2020.