NPDUNetwork Protocol Data Unit
NPDUNetwork Protocol Data Unit (OSI Network Layer)
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This means that more than one device is acting as a BBMD since forwarded NPDUs are only broadcast by BBMDs.
Fiber optics has improved the quality of communication links, thus shifting the major source of network errors -- at least for wired networks -- from line bit errors to NPDU losses due to congestion.
We argue that reliability or the lack thereof is not the issue; since ATM virtual circuits/paths are a concatenation of links between store-and-forward NPDU. (cell) switches, then by definition, the AAL protocols above ATM provide end-to-end transport service.
TPDUs exchanged by the transport entities are encapsulated (i.e., contained) in NPDUs which are exchanged between the network entities, as illustrated in Figure 2.
Capture Filters udp port 47808 BACnet/IP packets on UDP port 47808 udp port 47808 or udp port 47809 BACnet/IP packets on UDP port 47808 or 47809 Display Filters bvlc || bacnet || bacapp BACnet packets bacnet BACnet NPDU packets bacnet.mesgtyp BACnet Network Layer (router) packets bvlc BACnet/IP packets bvlc.function == 0x0b BACnet/IP Broadcast packets bacapp BACnet APDU packets bacapp.confirmed_service == 12 BACnet ReadProperty packets bacapp.confirmed_service == 15 BACnet WriteProperty packets bacapp.unconfirmed_service == 0 BACnet I-Am packets bacapp.unconfirmed_service == 8 BACnet WhoIs packets bacapp.unconfirmed_service == 2 BACnet UnconfirmedCOVNotification packets