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NPENullPointerException (Java)
NPENeedle Passion Embroidery
NPENetwork Processing Engine
NPENeurogenic Pulmonary Edema (clinical syndrome)
NPENew Player Experience
NPENetwork Processor Engine
NPENull Pointer Exception
NPENational Policy on Education
NPENew Pantai Expressway (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
NPENational Plastics Exposition
NPENonlinear Polarization Evolution
NPENational Pavement Expo (trade show)
NPENatural Penis Enlargement
NPENon-Practicing Entity (patent law)
NPENutrition Program for the Elderly (now Nutrition Services Incentive Program)
NPENonyl Phenol Ethoxylate
NPENon-Public Education (North Carolina)
NPENetwork Planning and Engineering
NPENon-Permanent Employee
NPENon-Paternity Event (genetic genealogy)
NPENetwork Protection Equipment
NPENatural Power and Energy, LLC (Scottsdale, AZ)
NPENonlinear Parabolic Equation (sound propagation)
NPENew Products Engineering
NPENorth Peace Energy (Canada)
NPENavy Preliminary Evaluation
NPENanoparticle Ensemble (electrodes)
NPENet Premium Earned
NPENon-Permissive Environment (security)
NPENetwork Provider Edge
NPENon-Production Environment
NPENegative Play Experience (games)
NPENon-Person Entity (computer security)
NPENon-Polar Extractives
NPENikon Precision Europe GmbH (Langen, Germany)
NPENonpartisan Education Review
NPENuclear Packing Efficiency (correlation of volume & DNA content of a cell nucleus with microscopic analysis)
NPENetwork Performance Endpoints (Ganynede)
NPENon-Personnel Expenditure/Expense
NPENOBL Protective Enclosure
NPENational President-Elect
NPENational Power Equipment, Inc. (Newark, NJ)
NPENuclear Planning & Execution
NPENavipPlan Extended (financial planning software)
NPENon-Paid Excused (Waddell & Reed)
NPENew Product Execution
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NPE Maintenance has also appointed new members to its customer support team.
The Snapdragon NPE is designed to offer developers in multiple industries, including mobile, automotive, healthcare, security and imaging, the tools they need to deliver on-device neural network-driven user experiences.
This proactive approach can take several forms, from buying assets in the open market to purchasing insurance against the costs of NPE litigation.
Further, in 30 percent of software-related NPE campaigns since 2012, no supplier was even named in the suit.
A 260-tonner will run at NPE, as well as a 320-ton general-purpose HST press.
But, if you are a patent attorney at a high-tech company, you should still be wary of potential lawsuits, and know that the threat of NPE litigation is still present.
Paying attention to NPE activity in this industry can provide early warning of a coming threat, and arming oneself with data and information is key to successfully navigating the NPE threat highway.
Moving from Chicago to Orlando was the first initiative in SPI's strategy of 'breaking the mould' by creating a broader-based and more exciting NPE with new benefits for exhibitors and visitors," said William R.
The tests show the concentration of NPE is well below the threshold value", Adidas said.
Chief executive Eileen Kelly, who has been with the company for four years, said: "Sadly, during the recession some of our competitors have folded while thanks to continued support from shareholders and a strong management team, NPE has succeeded in maintaining its workforce.
The NPE generates and transmits all of the navigation signals for military and civil users and maintains the highly precise timing for navigation performance.