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On one hand, the delimitation of a CF is a way to endorse the possession of their customary lands by the community, even if this recognition covers only the area inside the NPFE. On the other hand, SMPs may include provisions for individual customary owners, such as financial compensation for use of resources that belong to them (Oyono et al.
Yet Cerutti and Lescuyer (2011) show that almost all operating sites were within two kilometres of roads or rivers, almost always in the NPFE and in 65% of cases in degraded sites, like secondary forests, cocoa plantations, fallows and fields (Figure 1).
Applying a buffer zone of 4 km around Cameroon's roads (using a map produced by Global Forest Watch and MINFOF 2007) and assuming current logging methods, chainsaw millers could exploit about 8 million ha of land in the NPFE. This zone is shown in yellow in Figure 2 (adapted from Cerutti and Lescuyer 2011), with the PFE shown in green.
The low technical quality of SMPs, the poor enforcement of regulations, and the location of CFs in the NPFE do not promote the maintenance of resources and forest cover (Bruggeman et al.
But the increasing domestic demands for sawnwood will increase the pressure on timber resources at least in the NPFE over medium term and, so far, no convincing measures are implemented by local population to reforest or regenerate timber resources.