NPGOPNorth Pacific Groundfish Observer Program
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From 1990 until 2000, observer coverage in the domestic hake fishery was the result of shared effort between the NMFS Northwest Regional Office (NWR) and the NPGOP. In 2001 Admendment 13 to the West Coast Groundfish FMP established mandatory 100% observer coverage on catcher vessels.
To address the need for data on this fishery, a full domestic observer program (NPGOP) was authorized in 1990 through implementation of Amendments 13 and 18 to the groundfish FMP's for the BSAI and GOA, respectively.
In the early years of the NPGOP, data were often collected in an unsystematic rather than a truly random manner.
From the inception of the NPGOP through the sampling year 2002, observers were not trained to identify skates and were therefore not required to identify them beyond the family level.
From the inception of the NPGOP through 2003, field identification tools for the skates of Alaska were limited, and skate bycatch data were collected at a very basic level.