NPGSNational Plant Germplasm System
NPGSNaval Post Graduate School
NPGSNanometer Pattern Generation System
NPGSNiagara Peninsula Geological Society (est. 1962; Canada)
NPGSNew Principal Guarantee Scheme (banking)
NPGSNurse Practitioner Group of Spokane (Spokane, WA)
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The unit, part of the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS), can be viewed as a gold mine of plant species, with more than 82,000 plant samples, or accessions, held in the collection.
The NPGS classified the red clover populations on the basis of improvement status into cultivars, landraces, and wild populations when data were available.
"The purpose of the NPGS is to retain as much of the natural diversity of crop plants as possible," says ARS horticulturist Richard M.
While the NPGS' purpose is collecting and preserving germplasm in genebanks--and not onsite conservation--the two do share common goals and can go hand in hand.
The NPGS exists to preserve germplasm of plants that might otherwise be lost or unavailable to these scientists.
We can't do this for each of the 8,000 NPGS species."
Our study compares the two procedures and helps us decide if NPGS is truly superior to PGS or merely a modification of the standard procedure without a significant change in results.
Seven years later, as a lieutenant junior grade in the Navy, I was at the Naval Post Graduate School (NPGS) working on a technical master's degree.
A study conducted in Singapore demonstrated that trained nonphysician graders (NPGs) were able to provide good detection of DR and maculopathy from fundus photographs and suggested that DR screening by trained NPGs may provide a cost-effective alternative to family physicians.
In late 2006, NPGS and NPS were involved in a subcontract agreement in trying to assist in the development of a national alert warning system software, and the companies incurred approximately $4 million of development costs.
National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) is a vital network of genebanks where plants from around the world are curated, propagated, analyzed, and distributed for scientific use.
Seed of this release will be deposited in the USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS), where it will be available for research purposes, including the development and commercialization of new cultivars.