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NPISNatural Progesterone Information Service (UK)
NPISNATO Procedural Interoperability Standard
NPISNATO Procedural Interface Standard
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The intensity of pain was assessed by the NPIS on the scale from 0 to 10, where 0 indicates no pain and 10 indicates the worst pain imaginable (9).
A los primeros NPIs le sucederan con gran pujanza China e India, sobre todo el primero, que se consolida como gran lider del comercio y de las inversiones internacionales.
Thousands of health care providers' NPIs are stolen each year and are used for further fraudulent schemes, including Medicaid and Medicare fraud.
Supply-chain management and new product introduction (NPI) are two of the areas that have been most enhanced in terms of additional risk-management tools.
RELIANCE ON OIL AND GAS: The majority of KAF's revenues (five-year average 77%) are derived from oil and gas net profit interests (NPIs) and KAF's direct ownership and investment in producing royalties (PRs).
About two thirds of those APRNs with NPIs are Nurse Practitioners: 105,958 in total.
The NPIs met monthly with their anaesthetist mentor to review and reflect on practice, and this support was invaluable.
Only some REFL have.3PPL where cure 'Only some have a place to receive medical treatment.' Owing to their attraction toward negative contexts, non-assertive forms are considered negative polarity items (NPIs), constructions that resist affirmative uses (Giannakidou 2008: 1661).
The magazine is designed with a lively, engaging feel, and engaging style, intended to sell components, generate leads and responses, drive demand creation, and offer readers technical expertise, with a particular focus on New Product Introductions (NPIs).
First, we examined the National Provider Identifers (NPIs) of clinicians billing for depression screening to determine which professions are using the code.
(4) A titulo de exemplo, a United Nations Statistics Division (UNSTATS), em seu Handbook on Non-Profit Institutions in the System of National Accounts (2003), aponta ser cada vez mais importante se obter uma nocao mais clara da abrangencia das Organizacoes Nao Governamentais (tidas lato sensu), dentre outras razoes: "NPIs [non-profit institution] constitute a significant and growing economic force in countries throughout the world.