NPLANational Pro-Life Alliance
NPLANeutralizing Peroxidase-Linked Assay
NPLANational Purpose, Local Action (Sierra Club)
NPLANational Product Liability Association (est. 1983; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
NPLANorth Pacific Longline Association (Seattle, WA)
NPLANational Power Loading Agreement (wage policy; UK)
NPLANew Patriot Liberation Association (Whitestone, NY)
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In NPLA, every unknown node synthesizes the position information and hop-count of its all neighbors to itself, which includes not only anchor neighbors but also unknown neighbors, to determine its estimated position.
Pseudocode of algorithm NPLA is shown in Pseudocode 1.
Now we show the specific algorithm steps for unknown node [U.sub.m+1] to explain how the algorithm NPLA is implemented.
The [r.sub.MAX] and P of APIT and NPLA are shown in the following simulation figures: Figures 12(b)-12(c), Figures 13(b)-13(c), Figures 14(b)14(c), and Figures 15(b)-15(c).
The nPLA and blends were prepared in a Berstorff (ECS-2E25) corotating intermeshing twin-screw extruder at 210[degrees]C (die temperature) and 100 rpm.
Blend Content Content Type of Effective of of Compatibilizer content Of PLA (wt%) PEl (wt%) And content (wt%) Sepiolite (wt%) PLAPE1 80 17 PE2-g-MA (3) -- PLAPE1 60 34 PE2 -- 2 -g-M A (6) PLAPE1 80 17 SEBS -- S -g-MA (3) nPLA 95 -- -- 4.6 nPLAPE1 75 17 PE2 4.7 1 -g-MA (3) nPLAPE1 55 34 PE2 4.0 2 -g-MA (6) nPLAPE1 75 17 SEBS 5.5 S -g-MA (3) Characterization
The melting and crystallization behaviors of the neat polymers and the nPLA were determined by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) using a Mettler Toledo DCS 821/400.
In order to analyze the morphology of the obtained materials, samples of the nPLA and its blends were observed through TEM, using a JEOL JEM 2000FX Electron Microscope, with an acceleration voltage of 200 kV.
For more information about NPLA and its annual meeting, contact Bill Towle at 406-721-0720.
The NPLA was pushed by the Coal Board and accepted by the National Union of Mineworkers with the hope (unfounded, in the end) that it would provide for a period of industrial harmony and lead to productivity improvement in the declining British coal industry.
I believe this to be a fair and accurate assessment of the response to the NPLA, which was eventually superseded by locally determined productivity agreements.
Krieger studied wage structures and industrial relations in the pre-NPLA days and compared them to what happened after introduction of the NPLA. The notion that differences in traditional structures led to differences in work rules, which in turn influenced industrial relations, is nicely developed and convincing.